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About Centerville Cemetery

         The Centerville Cemetery, located in the heart of Centerville (a small community near Ridgeway, SC), had its first known burial in 1958. Prior to its development, there was no cemetery for those living in that area. First owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it was adjacent to the church and, at first, only members of the church were allowed to be buried there. This cemetery is open to everyone now.

            In 1997, the Church relinquished ownership of the cemetery to a local Board of Directors. By-laws and formal Rules & Regulations governing the cemetery were established and have been in place since.


          The cemetery is open to anyone who wishes to be buried there or have a memorial lot. Burial lots can presently be purchased at the cost of $500.00 per lot. Other than the sale of lots, the cemetery is maintained by donations of those who have family buried there or who have reserved their own lot(s).

           This small, beautiful cemetery adds serenity to all who visit as well as provides its own unique beauty to the community.

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